Western Telegraph 05 2012

St Catherines Island 2012

It is time to open St Catherine’s Island and fort. Now having secured this great opportunity, we trust that we will be able to restore and open it to all as a fantastic attraction. Tourists visiting the island will undoubtedly walk through the town and stay close by, it is hoped that this will benefit the town and create a real community asset.

We are currently in the process of consultation and planning. You may have seen some of the team working over on the island in the last 12 months. We have been collating data and meeting with the different agencies to discuss the best ways forward. The island and fortress are subject to many regulators and therefore it is a complex place to work.

The Fort and Island comes under legislation of:

  • National Monuments
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
  • Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Marine Conservation Area
  • Listed Buildings

to name a few.

For the last twenty years we have looked over to the island with its sense of mystique and intrigue and have wanted to see the place full of people, smiling, laughing and catching the sun.

There is a lot of work to be done and providing we can obtain the necessary permissions we are keen that local trade’s people and businesses are the ones that make it happen. We are currently looking for people to reinstate railings, connect services, seal the flat roof, plaster, supply with products and much more. Can you help?

St Catherine’s has always been an integral part of the life of Tenby. We would love to hear any stories or ideas.  We have gaps in the history and are looking for photographs of those who served in the fort. We know that many people have studied the wildlife and geology and would love to meet anyone who has been involved in this. If you have dreams or ideas I would love to take you for a coffee to hear them.

We would like to see everyone having access to enjoy the island and fort and to this end we have been looking at different proposals. The view of the island and beach is something that is held dear by us all. We have therefore come up with a design idea for a specialist type of bridge. The design has a small footprint, low visual impact, treats the whole space with a light touch and yet gives everyone access. This is an initial proposal and we would like to hear from you as to your thoughts and ideas.

Some of our proposals can be seen at www.tenbyisland.com and we would love to hear from you at contact@tenbyisland.co.uk